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Good Seeds; Better Life!

Message From CEO

Bangladesh is mainly called an agricultural country. Most of the people of the country are directly or indirectly involved in agricultural related activities to earn their livelihood. Agriculture is playing a vital role and is known as the most important sector of the economy of the country. Agriculture has a great contribution to the GDP of Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh has, therefore, provided top most priority to the agriculture sector especially on food crops to increase the production of cereals by giving subsidy to the farmers on different inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, irrigation etc. to achieve self sufficiency in food. Seeds are one of the least expensive but most important factors influencing yield potential. Crop seeds contain all the genetic information to determine yield potential, adaptation to environmental conditions, and resistance to insect pests and disease. One of a farmer's most critical management decisions is the selection of seed source and variety. The cost of seed stocks usually is less than 5 to 10 percent of total production costs. Yet seed stocks can affect the yield potential of a crop more than any other input factor. Seed quality is determined by many factors, principally seed purity and germination. However, many other factors, such as the variety, presence of seed-borne disease, vigor of the seed, and seed size are important when considering seed purchase. Purchase seed stock from a reputable seed dealer who has proper cleaning, handling and storage facilities.

Welcome to Rafique Seeds

Rafique Seeds is a grower, importer & supplier of all kind of seeds, specializing in vegetable seeds; was founded in 1998 in Thakurgaon District of Bangladesh by the agricultural entrepreneur Mr. Rafiqul Islam. We are the first Seed Company in North Bengal of Bangladesh the most potential zone of agriculture. We are committed to development of high quality vegetable varieties with better yield, disease resistance and adaptability to various agro climatic conditions and continuously strived to supply high quality seeds to the growers. Rafique Seeds is also fastest growing preferred brand in North Bengal of Bangladesh. We offer more than 100 hybrids and open pollinated varieties in 25 different crops globally.

Rafique Seeds established with a view to produce quality seeds and distribute those quality seeds through proper planning to make quality seeds available in the local market so that farmers get easy access to get required Quality seeds as per their need. Our seeds have gained wide recognition by farmers for their quality and better yield. 

Rafique Seeds is a name with unmatched legacy & reputation in the agricultural era in North Bengal of Bangladesh. Year on year, we have been making great and delivering results and have been strides in its aggressive growth journey by focusing on:

  • Produce quality seeds, well cleaned, well packaged, and delivered timely.
  • Supply of quality seeds at the door step of farmers at reasonable price.
  • Maintaining strong relationships with the farmers as well as channel partners.
  • Give our customers what they need and what they want. Help them make a profit.
  • Making the required seeds of latest varieties available at the right place, at the right time and at the right price.
  • Search for ways to improve our seed and service.
  • An aggressive R&D and research focus to incessantly deliver the best of science.
  • An experienced management known as trendsetters in the seeds sector.
  • Upholding a commitment to corporate citizenship by way of handholding farmers.
  • Technical and economical strengthening of seed growers through seed certification agency / agricultural dept.

Fact File:

  • Eighteen (18) years experience in Seed Business
  • Leading player in Radish Seed Grower of Bangladesh